Welcome to Sundborn Walking Tours

Feel like having a soft adventure and learning about the Swedish artist Carl Larsson (1853-1919) at the same time?

Why not take a guided walking tour from the city of Falun to Carl Larsson´s home in Sundborn. We walk at a comfortable pace 9 km through the forest and over the hills on the very old road the artist and his family walked many times.

The road was a shortcut that could be used by foot, instead of going with horse and carriage around the hills. A part of it is now only a narrow path and it can be difficult to identify. A trail following the old road, called the Carl Larsson Trail, has been arranged.

Along the way the guide will give you information about Carl Larsson as well as about the old road and the landscape we pass. She will also be at your service to answer all your questions.

After about three hours of walking (and resting) in Carl Larsson´s footsteps through two nature reserves,  privately owned forests, a military exercise area and some open farm land we arrive in the beautiful village of Sundborn and the world famous home of Carl Larsson and his wife Karin, called Carl Larsson-gården.  www.carllarsson.se   If you are warm after walking you may want to take a swim in the water of the adjacent nature reserve.

A guided tour inside the house by an English speaking guide will complete the experience before taking the bus back to Falun. Or you may want to eat at the restaurant first and take the next bus. There is also a taxi service in Sundborn.